I come from a family of small business owners in South Texas.  My grandparents, uncles and parents all owned business in industries including construction,  produce, gas stations, and trucking, so naturally I opened my law office right out of law school in 1998.   I've owned and managed my firm for over 20 years.


I have been blessed with being able to accomplish whatever I set  my mind to.  I was the first in my family to graduate from college.  It was a longer road for me than most because I had to work full time while attending classes at the University of Texas Austin.  I never gave up on my education and did not let money be an obstacle.  I had the help of my parents who gave what they could, but ultimately I had to work.   


I worked through Law School and have continued to work to this day.  I have a strong work ethic and I have achieved much for it.  I would bring this strong work ethic to the bench. 


I believe my background, having a business family and my own law practice for 20 years gives me a unique perspective that I would bring to the bench.  I have run a business.  I have managed people.  I have negotiated contracts and developed marketing for my firm.  These are some of the circumstances that a Family Court Judge sees in the courtroom. 


Maybe more important is that Family Law is much more than divorce.  It is child custody, child support, guardianship, grandparent rights, probate, adoption, abuse and neglect or CPS cases and juvenile justice cases.  I bring experience in all of those areas having practiced in all of the Family Courts for the last 20 years.  Having my own firm has allowed me to take every kind of case in Family Law.  I believe that this is unique among my peers.  I can bring this perspective to the bench and be ready to serve in any capacity needed with ease.


I have always operated a general practice focused on family law.  I am proud to say that as the needs of my clients changed, so did my practice.  As a result, I also practice in criminal law, personal injury law, traffic law, and mortgage mediation modifications.  I have grown by following the needs of the families I represent. I believe that this perspective also is unique in that I have practiced in areas outside Family Law.  This is important because Family Law is about everything that can happen to a family.  Family members suffer from injuries, can have criminal charges brought against them, and suffer from abuse.  These are all areas of law that I have practiced in over 20 years.  There are no jury trials in Family Court. The Judge listens to the evidence and makes a decision based on the application of facts to law.  My experience will allow me to make decisions to best help families get through the most difficult time of their lives. 


My experience has taught me that while knowing the law is important, understanding people is what makes a good family court judge.  Family Court isn’t just about the law, it is about people.  It is not about contracts, injuries or crime.  It is about what is most personal to us; our kids, our careers, our homes, our businesses. My career as an attorney has been devoted to representing families. I believe that serving as the next Judge in Department Z is an opportunity to continue and extend that service.


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